Faceup commission for Hana

Then & Now the first picture was made more than a year ago , he was one of my first faceup commissions ,I’m soo glad to get the chance to repaint him  nowadays~ <3

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Posing practice on Flickr.

Kind of thinking of doing a fashion series of photos. Mostly so I can get better at posing and as motivation to change my girl’s clothes more than once a month. 

I can’t imagine having the energy or time to do this all of the time - but for now - or until I run out of clothes, it will be fun!

So, this is Juniper and she is wearing: 

SMPdoll Jean top
SMPdoll Leggings
RoomTwo Jacket
Release Rain Boots (14” Kish size)

Eyes: 12mm glass from Bjd Full House on Taobao
Wig: Leekeworld LR-131_M Goldenrod 7/8 (with wig cap)
Faceup: Default
Ears: Leekeworld Bunny Ears - Blushing by me
Sculpt: Fairyland Minifee Rheia, NS, A-line, Large Bust, Cutie legs

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my boo got a new face up >3<

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Yeah Dean looks pretty exhausted these days….party life got him and he seems to be even more tired from day to day….well, that’s how life works and Dean will be an old fart next year. :p

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3 Soonys in the house! 

My sister’s Cookie ( cookiemumbjd ), my bestie’s Pheebs ( barbgirl1999) and my girl Kiki all hanging out for the last few days I have with left with Pheebs.

It’s fun seeing how different they all look with their face ups, wig, eye combos. 

From left to right:

Pheebs who belongs to barbgirl1999 (who was visiting me for a face up)

Kiki who belongs to me

and Cookie who belongs to cookiemumbjd

Im going to miss Pheebs so much. It’s like you are here with us, Mandy. T~T


I should be writing my paper instead of playing with dolls, but oh well~

My favorite couple, Dahlia & Nell

Souldoll Liddell and Minifee Celine

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Nell, one of my favorite girls :) I hope she doesn’t get jealous when my Rin’s come in >.<

that wig is amazing! The ombre *3*

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She’s here she’s here she’s here!! I waited so long for her, but she’s finally home. Ugh she’s so perfect and amazing I kind of wish I ordered two now >.<

Anyways, here’s Esper my Woodolls Pandora in light tan! Those EARS ;-; Her face is currently drying so I can paint it :D

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Haven’t posted Jade for a while (My Iplehouse KID Lisa) she’s one of the keepers.

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This girl finally has clothes after what seems like forever! She is my Nanuri ‘14. Painted by FamiliarStranger Cosmetics.

I think I will change her wig though.. not sure yet.

I want more minifees…it seems like the only dolls I can never see myself selling is my Fairyland Littlefee’s and Minifees. I’m not as attached to Pukifees, Pukipukis, or Feeple60.

I ordered another Minifee Ante from FL, lol. I’m weak weak weak when it comes to Ante. I ordered her blank because I want a custom faceup this time. I’m thinking I’ll end up with at least 4-5 MNF Ante’s. All different!

Oh, also, my memory card broke so until I can get a new one I have to use my iphone ;-; I’m sorry

ahhh! I didn’t know you had a tumblr!! She looks amazing!

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