CAN I HAVE THADIE? PRETTY PRETTY PLEASE???? Even though I hope you never get rid of her because she is super cute and I would miss seeing her....

Alas, darling anon, she is all mine. Don’t worry though she’s a keeper here. I’ll make sure to spam her often.

Thank you so much for loving her! ^_^

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Yes I do! Hehe who is this? Hahah

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Trying to post from my phone. We shall see how it goes.

Thadie is a bimong narae

So, I am introducing my Bimong Narin. His name is Grimoire or Grim for short. He is the other Bimong in my life besides Thadie ahah

I finally got his wig in today and so I took him out for some quick photos. He is wired in his legs and arms so now he can do these crazy poses. He can almost bend over ahah and touch his face.

I love the crap out of him. Though his eyebrow is already chipped. wtf Grim?


Sometimes I think about selling all of my dolls because I don’t do as much with them as I used to.

But then I remind myself that I don’t have to get rid of them just because I don’t spend all of my time and energy on them like I used to.

It’s okay to enjoy them when I enjoy them and ignore them…

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Beauty and the Beast ahah

Just wanted to show off the tiny photoshoot I did with Demeter and my sister’s girl Andie. Nothing special. They just look cute by each other.

Demeter is a migidoll Jina and belongs to me
Andie is a Leeke Arien on a switch girl body who belongs to cumber-khan thought she doesnt have a bjd tumblr (boo boo)


“What are you playing at?”

He is looking at me and I’m not looking at him. I’m looking at the field, still. I’m looking at the grass swaying in the wind and shadows of the trees and the loose bit of chicken-wire peeling away from the dry stone wall in front of where our nanna used to grow garden…

I have no earthly idea why reading this made me cry a tiny bit.

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Etsy shop update :)

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Only if you live in my shed and play video games with me forever!!

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hey! i just wanna say your girl is pretty!!!! the one with the turquoise and green hair and black streak 8D

Oh wow! Thank you! That’s Thadie. I’m so glad you like her.

I’ll make sure to take more pictures of her soon. Possibly with her other face plate once I have painted it.

Hope you don’t mind me posting this. I am just really stoked to have gotten a message about her!

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