It has been raining all week so working on commissions hasn’t worked out at ALLLLLLL.
Instead I took pictures of my little chameleon.

I NEED a new place to take pictures that gets light.

-_- by the back door just gets such lovely light. wehhhh fall cant come too see. I need hoodie weather and grey skys. Doll photography suffers during summer months for me. If I’m not being eaten alive by mosquitoes I am being chased by yellow jackets and mud daubers. I DON’T HAVE AN EPIPEN!

Please lord….no more. ahah

Thadie is a Bimong Narae face plate N404 I think?????




So I bought this wig from the my lovely bud crazykimochi a while ago and never had a doll that it really worked on…until I put it on Thadie.

I love it. omg. I can’t believe how much I love it. I think I will still get her a totally black wig at some point but this style and the lovely alpaca just looks amazing on her!!

so thanks again, Tina! ahah

I’m not usually a fan of open-mouth sculpts, but this girl is SO CUTE

Reblogging her again because she’s SO GODDAMN CUTE.

I know she’s a Narae but I don’t know which one? Can someone help me or tell me?

aww thanks!!! The person I bought her and my narin from actually had 5 heads but since she got them back in 2005-6 she couldn’t remember which head was which. From some research I have done, I think she is a narae N404. Hope that helps!

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I was tagged~

I was tagged by buittechan :D 


► name ➽ Megan
► birth place ➽ Missouri
► where do I live ➽ Missouri
► hair colour ➽ dark brown
► eye colour ➽ black
► birthday ➽ Sept. 24th, 1985
► gender ➽ Female
► lefty or righty ➽ righty 
► single or taken? ➽ Single
► happy? ➽ When I’m not stressed


► are you in love ➽ with so many things
► do you believe in love at first sight ➽ I want to
► who ended your last relationship ➽ He did thank god
► have you ever broken someone’s heart ➽ puppy love heart
► are you afraid of commitments? ➽ nopers
► have you hugged someone within the last week? ➽ yes’m
► have you ever had a secret admirer ➽ I had a stralker and a restraining order of sorts on them
► have you ever broken your own heart? ➽ yeah, I checked out spoilers
► do you usually spend valentines day alone? ➽ nah, with my homey
► short or long term relationships? ➽ long term


► love or lust ➽ love~
► lemonade or iced tea ➽ ice tea
► cats or dogs ➽ dogs
► a few best friends or many regular friends ➽ a few besties
► television or internet ➽ internet to watch tv shows haHA
► Pepsi or coke ➽ mt. dew
► wild night out or romantic night in ➽ a sloth night
► day or night ➽ night 
► text or call ➽ text 
► make-up or au naturel? ➽ natural. Im way to lazy mostly


► been caught making out? ➽ uhhh no I’m an adult. If I dont want my grandma seeing me doing it, I don’t do it it public. Usually a way of life in all things.
► fallen down/ up the stairs? ➽ Fallen up a lot
► wanted something/ someone so badly it hurt? ➽ Nope that’s weird
► prank called a store? ➽ Nope
► skipped school? ➽ I skipped senior year a few times
► wanted to disappear? ➽ from life or Sue Storm style?
► spent all your money? ➽ my whole life
► met a celebrity? ➽ yep, a couple times
► been really ill? ➽ yep.
► gotten high? ➽ yep, tenth grade year


► smile or eyes ➽ Eyes but a great smile stops me in my tracks
► light or dark hair ➽ Doesnt matter
► shorter or taller ➽ Taller then me
► hook-up or relationship ➽ relationship 
► funny and poor or rich and serious ➽ Id rather laugh
► Mac or PC? ➽ PC
► city or country? ➽ suburb 


► last phone call? ➽ uhh My Niece
► last song you listened to? ➽ Uhhh I dont remember ahah
► last thing you ate? ➽ steak pesto pasta with peppers and onions
► last thing you drank? ➽ Coke
► last place you were? ➽ outside
► last kiss ➽ My Niece
► last picture you’d taken? ➽ It was of Darrren My Delf El
► last outfit? ➽ acid yellow striped v-neck and jeans
► last purchase? ➽  Doll

I tag:

cookiemumbjd ~ barbgirl1999 ~ violetpoof ~ whoever wants to do it! <3

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Just my girlies!  Introducing, Latte (Luts Delf Soony), Drea (Feeple60 Chloe), and Chai (feeple60 tan Miyu) I adore them to pieces, hope yall do too!

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I’m a bit tired of seeing this username: (insert name)BJD. It’s everywhere. Can’t you people figure out something more creative???


I am apart of two major online communities (Online gaming and BJDs) using the same user name beginning. I generally add the BJD bit to distinguish between the two. That way, I am recognized solely in terms of content. For me, it’s for ease of access. 




Hey guys, I was wondering if anyone had a recommendation for gloss for face ups. I’ve been using Liquitex high gloss since 2010 and as much as I love the product it just doesn’t give me the really wet lip look that I want sometimes on dolls. 

So any help would be appreciated! Let me know what you think.

I use Tamiya X-22 Acrylic, Clear :3

That’s what every one keeps telling me to use ahah Thanks! I think I’ll buy some and try it out. <3

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I did a slight body blush and manicure on Thadie today. I like to imagine that Thadie paints her nails and then slowly picks it off after a couple days. (like I do oops) So I painted remnants of her  nail polish she has picked away at. It was fun to paint.

Wanted to show it off with her new eyes and wig. Though neither are actually new but I just tried them on her and thought she looked good.

 So, some doll nudity.

 Thadie is a Bimong Narae.


Hey guys, I was wondering if anyone had a recommendation for gloss for face ups. I’ve been using Liquitex high gloss since 2010 and as much as I love the product it just doesn’t give me the really wet lip look that I want sometimes on dolls. 

So any help would be appreciated! Let me know what you think.

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I never remember to upload my own dolls face ups when I paint them

So here is Razz’s shots. 
He is a Supia Doll Joshua

I never remember to upload my own face ups on my dolls.

So here is Demeter’s shots. He is a migidoll Jina